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Roma, ITALY - July 1st 2017
Today Stek Srl terminated the co-operation with Nason and Linn for the distribution of the ATI products in China and I would like to thank Mr. Nason for his job.
The real ATI products, designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy by Stek Srl will be no more available through Nason and Linn organization.

The all new ATI lines will be presented on July 15th 2017, they will be a new reference of the Car Audio Industry for the next several years. Giovanni d'Albertis, founder of ATI who was directly involved in the design and engineering of the new products, says: "the level of the quality reached by the new ATI products is beyond any expectation making the previous line old and obsolete"

The foundations of ATI, like the resonant free fiber baskets and the technology of the WMT have been upgraded and now we are in front of real musical instruments, we cannot call these products just "speakers".

Because of the incredible performances of the new lines, Giovanni d'Albertis decided to place his signature on each speaker of the top line, that's why this line has been named "Italian Signature". All the new lines have new names and upgraded features, including new crossovers.

For more informations and details you can get in touch directly with me: giorgio@stekenergia.com

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